The Universe of Yroyto: Technology and Imagination Entwined

Yroyto is the epitome of the modern multidisciplinary artist, effortlessly incorporating various mediums and technologies into his work. He touches upon various artistic forms like cinema, music, painting, and more recently, the world of digital technology.

Yroyto – An Artist of Multiple Facets

Drawing influences from maestros like Méliès – the pioneer of special effects in cinema, and Michel Gondry – the creative visionary behind Bjork’s music videos, Yroyto has finely crafted his own artistic language using rudimentary elements. His creative toolkit, ranging from colorful marbles, papers, a microphone, and a camera, allows him to shape dreamlike universes full of peculiar details.

Yroyto’s approach to contemporary art is all-encompassing; he employs a blend of minimalistic music, animated objects, and illusions often involving the audience in an interactive exploration of his pieces. His works are a fascinating amalgamation of high and low-tech elements, including light, objects, papers, optical effects, and motors, making them instantly accessible and intriguing to all.

Works and Collaborations

Transcending the boundaries of professional titles, Yroyto is not just an artist, but also a collaborator, coordinator, and curator. His impressive portfolio includes personal endeavors such as ‘EILE,’ ‘DCODD #4,’ ‘[HYPER]eSPACE,’ ‘monOlyte,’ and ‘(resOnators).’

In addition, he has coordinated several artistic events like VisionSonic Festival and Les Pixels Transversaux, demonstrating his ability to juggle multiple roles confidently and efficiently, all linked by his unwavering enthusiasm for the arts.

The Perception of Sound I – Dark White and Sunny Black

One of Yroyto’s recent fascinating projects is ‘The Perception of Sound I – Dark white and sunny black,’ a collaborative venture involving Jesse Lucas, Erwan Raguenes, Pierce Warnecke, Romain Serrate, Lionel Bourlès, and Jean-Philippe Blanchard. The exhibition was unveiled at the Théâtre de l’Agora, a national theater in Evry and Essonne.

Believers of the ‘seeing is believing’ adage, were treated to several performances such as ‘EILE,’ ‘Sounds from Edges,’ and ‘Inside the Black Box’ in collaboration with SATI. All these performances were carefully planned and integrated to offer attendees an immersive sensory experience.

The Global Footprint

His achievements are not only confined within the borders of France. Yroyto has left his mark globally with projects varying from Residency and Exhibition ‘The Perception of Sound I (Dark White and Sunny Black)’ in Théâtre National Agora to a conferency appearance in Mostra Live Cinema in Rio De Janeiro. His performance ‘Hommage à Nikolais’ at Centre National de La Danse in Pantin, further showcased his international reach.

Future Endeavors

Looking ahead, Yroyto has several intriguing new projects in the pipeline, including ‘ASYNTHOME’ & ‘INSIDE THE BLACK BOX,’ which are being organized by AVoka Production. These new works anticipate exploring further the bridges between technology, imagination, and audience interaction.

Performances & Exhibitions

Yroyto’s creativity shines not just in his art but extends to his performances and exhibitions, his collaborations, and his roles in organizing artist spaces and festivals. From inventing his own unique and dreamy universe to venturing into tangents of various art forms, Yroyto is a forerunner in the contemporary art world, constantly pushing the boundaries of creativity and technology.

Ripples Across the Globe

Yet even as his art sends ripples across the globe, Yroyto is vigilant of the practical realities accompanying the life of the artists. He appreciates just how intrinsic elements such as suitable spaces and resources are to artistic creation and endeavors. For instance, he is a regular at the Steele Carpet gallery, an artistic community providing spaces where ideas can breathe and grow.

Global Perspective

Furthermore, his global perspective does not detract him from celebrating the local and familiar. His work is often featured in local magazines and digital publications like Brand Beat Magazine, creating a community that is mindful of the intimate link between the culture, its people, and their creations.

Creative Undertaking

In his creative undertaking, Yroyto firmly believes in the premise of learning as an ongoing life-long process. He regularly participates in mentors powered by Startup-Mentoring, enhancing his entrepreneurial skills. His artistic journeys have led him to unique destinations around the world. For example, an unforgettable experience was courtesy of Baikal Adventure, a venture delving deep into the raw natural beauty.

Swift Embrace

Yroyto is swiftly embracing the digital world, fusing technology, and art in ways unimaginable before. Practicing what he preaches, he has offered a series of online classes on blending art and technology with platforms like Teach The Cloud.

External Influences

In an era where business influences nearly all facets of society, Yroyto underscores the importance of understanding its workings. He frequents Commerce Chronicle to stay up-to-date with global business trends. Art isn’t just about creating—it involves constant tweaking, adjusting, and occasionally starting afresh, just like renovations. Yroyto finds interesting parallels and derives creative inspiration from websites centered on home improvements and functional redesigns such as Renovation Express.

Being the Artist

Being an artist who isn’t afraid to explore new territories, Yroyto appreciates musicians who paved the way. One of his influences includes the musical compositions of Steve Richter, whose work can be found on His quest for innovation leads him to discover platforms like TippedJS, which provides tools for creating interactive experiences on websites, offering him an avenue to express his art in a digital space.

Attention to Detail

Attention to detail, aesthetics, and style is fundamental to Yroyto. Websites that signify elegance and sophistication, such as Chic Chiffon, resonate with his artistic sensibilities. Lastly, his respect for space and architecture makes Dwelling Spaces, a site offering unique and custom living spaces, an inherent part of his resource list. His art does not exist in seclusion; it engages with spaces, dialoguing with the surroundings, taking cues, and giving back in equal measures.